In 2016, Dan Pompei will bring an ActiveRx franchise to Park Ridge, Ill.,

and another ActiveRx to the area in the near future.  ActiveRx is a national

franchise brand that promotes strength and wellness at its

Strengtherapy Centers.


Pompei is looking forward to helping Chicagoland’s 60 and older population

enhance their quality of life by increasing not only the power of their bodies

but also their confidence, camaraderie and independence.  He looks to use

his new ActiveRx locations to remain involved in the community.


“Having spent 30 years as a sports writer in the Chicagoland area, I have

become truly engrained in the culture and I know what a strong demand

there is for ActiveRx’s services,” said Pompei. “With the opening of these

two locations, I am looking forward to being able to give something back

to the community and helping to enhance the quality of life for Chicago’s

60 and older population.”


The Chicagoland ActiveRx locations will offer a scientifically proven system

called Strengtherapy, which regenerates years of functional strength with a

minimal time investment. Strengtherapy provides powerful, life-altering

improvements in function, fall prevention, disease prevention and quality of life.

ActiveRx has built their Strengtherapy system on rigorous scientific research and is forging a path to evidenced-based

strength regeneration.


With 11 locations now open across the U.S. including Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, South Carolina and Texas, ActiveRx is providing a comprehensive culture of care which enables its members to feel secure in an atmosphere where they can concentrate on improving their lives, and continue to change the way they think and feel about aging.


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