Dan's 2016 Mock Draft

1. Rams—Jared Goff, QB, Cal.  The Rams continue to be tight-lipped, but everyone knows who their pick will be.

2. Eagles—Carson Wentz, QB, North Dakota State. The Sam Bradford situation puts a little different light on this pick. If Bradford is traded, there will be more pressure to play Wentz quickly.  And that is not a good thing.

3. Chargers—Ronnie Stanley, OT, Notre Dame. This is a surprise pick. I first heard about the possibility when Matt Miller of Bleacher Report tweeted it Wednesday night. I subsequently heard it from other sources.  It isn’t a surprise that Stanley would get picked ahead of Laremy Tunsil. Several scouts I spoke with thought Stanley was a more sure thing.  But it would be a surprise if Stanley is picked ahead of Jalen Ramsey and DeForest Buckner. Interesting note here: Chargers general manager Tom Telesco is reputed to have an affinity for Notre Dame players.

4. Cowboys—Joey Bosa, DE, Ohio State. Also hearing Jerry Jones really likes Ezekiel Elliott.  You have to wonder if they will be tempted by Jalen Ramsey. But they really need pass rush.  I also have heard the Cowboys are very intrigued by Paxton Lynch.

5. Jaguars—Jalen Ramsey, CB/S, Florida State. Dave Caldwell would have to love this scenario.  Ramsey is the kind of impact player the Jaguars need.  They also could be tempted by Laremy Tunsil.

6. Ravens— DeForest Bucker, DE, Oregon. The choice here is between Buckner and one of the OTs.  This is a good spot for the Ravens, who do not have to pass up the best player available in order to fill a hole.

7. 49ers—Laremy Tunsil, OT, Mississippi. At one point not long ago, Tunsil looked like the first pick in the draft. His talent merited the first pick, but questions about his consistency and ability to transition to a three-point stance have led him to drop a little.

8. Browns—Ezekiel Elliott, RB, Ohio State. The Browns are driven to acquire extra picks. Sources tell me they have been telling other teams they are willing to trade almost any veteran for picks, and they also are interested in moving down for extra picks. Elliott could be the bait that allows them to move down. Either way, it’s difficult to see Elliott falling beyond this spot.

9. Bucs—Vernon Hargreaves, CB, Florida.  They clearly are interested in Hargreaves, a local product who would fill a need. The Bucs also could be tempted by an OT.

10. Giants—Jack Conklin, OT, Michigan State.  Some think Leonard Floyd is possible here. Conklin is a Giants kind of player, and he also would fill a need.

11. Bears—Shaq Lawson, OLB, Clemson.  A trade-down remains a possibility. I hear one potential partner is the Titans, who have the ammo to trade and will look to move up if a player they want is available.  If Paxton Lynch is on the board, some team like the Jets could try to trade up with the Bears to leapfrog the Saints. Could the Bears pull a complete stunner are select Lynch?  Remember, they were in discussions last year to move up to try to acquire one of the top two quarterbacks. The Bears could do worst than taking Lawson though. If Jack Conklin is available, he could be the pick.  Sheldon Rankins and Vernon Hargreaves can’t be dismissed either.

12. Saints—Paxton Lynch, QB, Memphis. There is some talk they could move up to get him.  It seems that Lynch is heating up, and could even go top 10.  The Saints also could go with Sheldon Rankins.

13. Dolphins—Eli Apple, CB, Ohio State. They could be a trade-up candidate, as the word is they’d like to get Ezekiel Elliott. If they can’t move, a corner should be there for them.

14. Raiders—Leonard Floyd, OLB, Georgia.  Pass rushers with his potential don’t last long. Some wonder if Floyd can help a defense win all four downs, or if he is best suited as a situational pass rusher. I’ve heard they also like Reggie Ragland and Myles Jack.

15. Titans—A’Shawn Robinson, DT, Alabama. They moved down from No. 1, and might not be done maneuvering.  They still could end up with an OT, either with a tradeup, or if they stay put and take Taylor Decker.

16. Lions— Taylor Decker, OT, Ohio State.  There is a dropoff at the position after Decker, so he might be pushed up a bit. The Lions also could use a receiver and a defensive end, but they could address those needs later.

17. Falcons—Emmanuel Ogbah, DE, Oklahoma State. He has been rising late, as teams are recognizing his rare ability. Some teams even have him rated higher than Shaq Lawson.

18. Colts—Ryan Kelly, C, Alabama. They need some muscle to protect Andrew Luck.  Kelly, who is as safe as any player in the draft, has moved up on boards and is likely to go mid to late first round.

19. Bills—Sheldon Richardson, DT, Louisville. Word is they like Paxton Lynch, but he might not be available this late.  Reggie Ragland would work too.

20. Jets— Darron Lee, LB, Ohio State.  The Jets might have to choose between Lee and Reggie Ragland.  Lee can help more on third downs; Ragland can help more on first and second. One source said the Jets were trying to move up to get Paxton Lynch.

21. Redskins—Jarran Reed, DT, Alabama. Some think they could go for Mississippi WR Laquon Treadwell.  Reed is the type of player who appeals to GM Scot McCloughan.

22. Texans—Josh Doctson, WR, Texas Christian. It’s difficult to gauge which receiver will be taken first.  Doctson probably is the best all-around prospect, though he is not ranked No. 1 universally by teams.

23. Vikings—Corey Coleman, WR, Baylor. He would be a good fit for the Vikings because of his versatility.  Offensive coordinators love this receiver.

24. Bengals—Laquon Treadwell, WR, Mississippi. This team knows how to draft wide receivers.  It will be difficult for the Bengals to pass a solid receiver after losing Marvin Jones and Mohamed Sanu. Treadwell would be a nice complement to A.J. Green.

25. Steelers—Artie Burns, CB, Miami. The buzz in front office circles is the Steelers like this kid a lot. They need a corner badly, and Burns is a scheme fit for them. They also could go with safety Karl Joseph here.

26. Seahawks—Derrick Henry, RB, Alabama. Many have projected Henry as a second round pick, but he is a perfect fit for the Seahawks and could replace Marshawn Lynch seamlessly.

27. Packers—Vernon Butler, DT, Louisiana Tech. This massive man has been underrated publicly, but scouts I’ve spoken with think a lot of him.  He would fill a big hole in the middle of the Packers defense.

28. Chiefs—Will Fuller, WR, Notre Dame.  I continue to hear the Chiefs would like to move up—probably to get their pick at wide receiver.  They also could be targeting a cornerback. Fuller’s speed is appealing to teams, but his consistency is worrisome.

29. Cardinals—Myles Jack, OLB, UCLA. If his knee holds up, he is the best value in the draft. He is a top five talent. Jack is a wildcard and could go anywhere from the high teens to the second round. It all depends on how each team perceives him medically. They probably are picking too low to get Paxton Lynch, but the word is they like him.

30. Panthers—William Jackson III, CB, Houston. They need a replacement for Josh Norman. A defensive lineman also is possible here.

31. Broncos—Karl Joseph, S, West Virginia. They need to acquire a quarterback somehow, and they could go for Connor Cook here.  If they trade for a veteran QB, that will free up John Elway to go for the best strong safety in the draft.