What They Say About Dan

Jerry Angelo

Former Bears General Manager

“Dan Pompei is one of the most insightful and articulate media people I had to deal with over the years. He earned my respect based on his honesty and the insight he had on the game of football. He did his homework, asked the right questions and provided his readers with an informed and intuitive perspective."

Hub Arkush

Editor, Chicago Football and Pro Football Weekly, NFL Insider Westwood One Radio

“In 38 years on the NFL beat I've come across a handful of folks who I believe are the best at what they do, outstanding reporters, writers and journalists. I've also come across a few people who are the ultimate professionals, class acts and the kind of people I'd want on my side in any endeavor I pursued "on or off the field." Dan Pompei is one of the only guys at the top of both of those lists.”

Andrew Brandt

ESPN Business Analyst, MMQB Columnist, Former Packers Vice President

“Dan Pompei represents the gold standard in NFL journalism.  He uses his voluminous network of NFL contacts to produce well-researched, highly informative and always clear and well-written content.  Beyond his professional abilities, he is as solid and trustworthy a person as there is.”

Larry Burke

Editor, Sports Illustrated and Sports on Earth

“There are great reporters, there are gifted writers, there are writers with supreme knowledge of pro football, there are writers who are well-connected with sources around the game, and there are those who are simply rock-solid reliable to deliver on deadline. Dan Pompei is that rare combination of all those traits -- a veritable five-tool player of sportswriting. Everyone talks about storytelling these days, but Dan is one of the few writers that really know how to do it well, from ideation to execution. He's the definition of a must-read. And as talented as Dan is when it comes to his work, he's an even better person when it comes to his character: He's a pro's pro who holds himself to the highest of standards in everything he does and who embodies the term 'class.' He has thoroughly earned the widespread respect around he the industry and numerous accolades that he has received in his accomplished career.”

Jeff Joniak

Bears play-by-play announcer on WBBM

“Dan is a man of great integrity and high character and his approach to his profession has been one of diligence and respect. He has been honored by the Pro Football Hall of Fame for his writing and reporting because he invested himself in learning the details, emotions, and thought process of the game. In addition, he’s earned the respect of the men who play it, the men who coach it, the men who scout it, and the men who administrate it. His stories are thoroughly informative, pragmatic, fair, and capture the essence of the sport. His ability to chart the history of the game and its impact is widely regarded as among the best in the NFL.”

Mike Kellams

Former associate managing editor, Chicago Tribune

“Dan’s work is that of a consummate professional, defined by his thorough reporting and lovely writing. He treats readers well. He treats his colleagues even better.”

Marv Levy

Pro Football Hall of Fame coach

“Dan Pompei is a journalist whom, during my years of coaching and ever since, I have admired greatly.  He has always been able to combine keen study, fair play, and excellent writing skills in a manner which has won him the respect of those of us who participate in the games and of the avid fans to whom he has conveyed his meaningful insights.  He indeed is a credit to the game and to his profession.”

Collin McCollough

NFL Deputy Editor, Bleacher Report

“Dan is a consummate pro who brings more tools to the table than are rightfully acknowledged.  He has a great sense of narrative and finding the story within the story, which is brought to life through a strong command of word flow and understanding of principle operating characters within his work.  Dan's ability to surface meaningful quotes and notes of import within stories speaks to his sharp reporting skills and refusal to let soft sound bites suffice.  From pitch and inception, throughout the reporting and writing processes and, ultimately, copy-editing and publish stages, Dan fits the ideal mold of what you'd look for as a publisher and an editor—he's communicative, responsive to ideas and feedback, organized and always on schedule.  You never feel as if you're chancing a story to crossed fingers; you know what you're going to get from Dan, and it's going to be a strong delivery on a strong idea.  I've had the privilege of working with Dan for the past two years; I'm extremely proud of the work he has done, and happy to have it represent Bleacher Report's best of NFL coverage.”

Bob McGinn

Pro Football Hall of Fame writer, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

“Dan Pompei can and has done it all in our business. So smooth, plugged-in, knowledgeable, tough and fair.”

Rich McKay

Falcons president co-chair of the NFL competition committee

“Dan is the consummate professional. He always is prepared and is never easily dissuaded from his well-researched position. I know that Dan’s intent is to get the story right and provide the reader more than the typical sound bite.”

Al Michaels

Pro Football Hall of Fame sportscaster for NBC

“Dan Pompei has been totally wired into the NFL for years. When he says or writes something, you can go to the bank with it.”

Fred Mitchell

Former Chicago Tribune

“Dan Pompei is a man of the highest character and integrity whose knowledge of current NFL trends, as well as historical perspectives, has earned him national recognition and respect in the field of journalism. Dan and I go way back-- to years competing against each other as Chicago Bears beat reporters for the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times in the late '80s and early '90s-- to working together at the Tribune for many years. It is a pleasure for me to call him a true friend and insightful business visionary.”

Rick Morrissey

Chicago Sun-Times

"Dan Pompei is one of the most insightful and trustworthy writers in the country. If you want to know the NFL, then read Dan. Simple.''

Chris Mortensen


"Through more than 30 years of covering the NFL, I have been blessed to report about great players, coaches, owners, general managers and encounter some great peers whom I have read religiously to broaden my own perspective and, yes, to be better informed.... Dan Pompei is one of those peers who always has been a must-read for those who love the NFL. Enjoy him. I do.”

John “Moon” Mullin

Comcast Sportsnet Bears Insider

“Dan Pompei is, plain and simple, the standard for pro football writing and coverage. And he has been for a very long time, as his selection to the Pro Football Hall of Fame reflects. Dan was covering the Chicago Bears when I first came on the beat, and I learned how to do this job just by getting my butt kicked so many early days by Dan, wondering how he consistently got so much great stuff, and realizing he began by outworking everybody and did so with the complete respect of everyone he covered and competed against. He just does it 'right.'”

Mike Nahrstedt

Digital Content Manager, FOX Sports Midwest/FOX Sports Kansas City

“I had the pleasure of working with Dan Pompei as his editor when he was a Senior Writer covering the NFL for Sporting News. Dan was a true pro. As a reporter he was dedicated and thorough. He resisted pressure to reach snap conclusions and insisted on exploring topics by interviewing multiple subjects, breaking down film and covering games. Moreover, he always looked for a unique perspective from which to view and analyze teams and players. As a writer he was clean, concise and clever. The man never used 20 words when 19 would suffice. He was responsive to constructive criticism (not that he needed it much), and he approached his work with enthusiasm. He represented the company professionally and was well respected in the football media community. Beyond that, he was a nice guy. Working with Dan was one of the pleasures of my career.”

Don Pierson

Pro Football Hall of Fame football writer

“Dan studies more about pro football and knows more coaches and players than anyone I know, so I always trust what he says and writes." 

Mitch Rosen

Operations director, WSCR

“Dan Pompei is Hall of Fame journalist and a Hall of Fame person.  The work that Dan does for CBS Radio Sports in Chicago is top-notch content that our consumers love and crave every time he is on the air.  It’s and honor and pleasure to have Dan on our team.”

Mike Singletary

Pro Football Hall of Fame linebacker

“Dan was always professional. He’s one of those guys I always trusted and I always knew if he told me something, that’s the way it was. That’s worth a lot in this day and time.”

Sean Payton

New Orleans Saints head coach

“He is well respected within our league, professional in his approach and works hard to understand the game.”

Ron Rivera

Carolina Panthers head coach

“I have had the pleasure of having known Dan for over 30 NFL seasons (or 210 dog years) and I can honestly say that Dan has a solid knowledge and understanding of sports today. He covers sports in a very professional manner and yet can also keep it entertaining and exciting.”

Rick Telander

Chicago Sun-Times

"Dan is in the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton for a reason: his football reporting, writing, and analysis have been outstanding and beyond reproach. If you want the pro football news broken down, there is no one--anywhere--better than Dan Pompei at delivering it. And he's not even an old guy!"

Ron Wolf

Pro Football Hall of Fame general manager

“I believe a person has to be forthright, trustworthy and accurate in his reporting.  These are the key components for me personally in regards to what a person is covering.  Dan Pompei fills that bill.  He is extremely knowledgeable and fair in his reporting.  Those are items that can not be put aside, he is top drawer in his area of expertise.”

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